Welcome to a World of New Possibilities

Welcome to the Global Breath Institute, where our goal is to share with you the secrets of transformation and inspired mastery to a new you through our Breathwork Programs as a route to health and happiness.

But first, as with all things, there is birth, growth and death (transformation).  It is called life.  All things evolve. As life evolves, so too does the Global Breath Institute.

We are evolving into a new form of Breathwork and Inspired Mastery that is the next step in the evolution of modern breathwork and life mastery.  Join us together as we ascend above the pinnacle of human potential and explore new realms of what it means to be an evolved being in the 21st century.

These are exciting times for the planet and the evolution of life.  You play a bigger role in this than you could possibly imagine and we are proud of you for your role and contribution.

Stay tuned to this web site as we have much more coming your way.  New programs, new teachings, new conscious breath patterns to help you touch your Soul and to connect to Source.  We can hardly wait.  Whether you came here with deliberate intent or found yourself here unexpectedly, you are here for a reason. So we ask … what can we do for you?

Although we all intuitively know to breathe, most people suffer from restricted breath patterns, thus limiting health and energy. In the same way a sprinter uses specific techniques to maximize their ability to run farther and faster, we will teach you breathwork techniques to maximize your breathing, thus providing a myriad of benefits including increases in oxygen levels, improvement of blood flow, reduction of anxiety, and strength of body and mind.

In addition to the health benefits, The Global Breath Institute offers the most complete transformational process available. Our breathwork programs have assisted thousands of people regain their passion for life, heal fractured relationships, improve their attitudes, and find peace with the past.

You deserve a life that is rich and rewarding, joyful and passionate, full of vitality and health. It’s time to walk through the doorway to wisdom with us. Take some time to get to know us by exploring and learning how these breathwork teachings, tools, and techniques will make an impact in your life. You will be glad you did.

In the meantime you can contact us at our office, BodyWorks Healing Center at 734-416-5200 or relax@bodyworkshealingcenter.com.


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