Inspiring Personal Growth Events

“Breathing is a flow.  When you are breathing unconsciously, your flow is obstructed and you are not present in your body and mind.  You are breathing regrets of the past and the promises or fears of the future.  This is not the way to live.  But it is considered “normal.”  I call it the waking dead. ”

“When you breathe consciously, you are in the flow of the present moment.  In the present, all things happen and all things are created.  When you are in the flow, the flow changes, and that will make all the difference.  The richness and fullness of life will be yours to enjoy forever.” – Dave Krajovic, Co-Founder-Global Breath Institute

Our inspired events positively affect you on all levels of your being, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual are transformed to a more enlivened state.  This is what makes our workshops and seminars so impactful for there are few places you can go where so much can be changed in so little time.

Please go to out sister site, BodyWorks Healing Center,  to review our current breathwork offerings.

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